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Home Performance Testing

Home Performance

Our employees are professionals with over 14 years of experience in Home Performance. They are BPI certified to perform Blower Door/Duct Leakage Testing and provide a detailed report on their findings.

Utah Code Requires

Utah code requires all new homes to meet certain energy efficiency standards. These codes are in place to help reduce energy bills for homeowners. The code requirements must be met before a certificate of occupancy can be issued. Cities are slowly starting to enforce these codes which are creating issues for builders who have not had these tests done previously. We are able to perform testing after construction is completed, but highly recommend they be done during the construction stage. This will allow contractors to address any issues early on, saving them time and money.

Duct Leakage/Duct Blaster Testing

Duct leakage testing will help identify leaks in new construction that must be addressed before further work is done.

Utah code requires duct leakage testing for residential HVAC systems with air handlers and/or at least 25% of the duct system located outside the conditioned area of the home.

Blower Door Testing

A Blower door test shows how many times the air volume inside the home is exchanged with the air outside.

Utah code requires 3.5 ACH50 for single family homes and 5ACH50 or less for multifamily homes.

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